new papers coming out

There is a special issue of General and Comparative Endocrinology coming out soon with papers on Neotropical Endocrinology. Ben’s first paper from his dissertation (congrats!) will be in there as well as a group effort synthesizing what we have learned about testosterone from studies of neotropical birds. Good stuff!

student successes!

Ben just got the first chapter of his dissertation accepted for publication (pending minor revisions) at General and Comparative Endocrinology!

Jess just received the Lewontin Award research grant from the Society for the Study of Evolution!


Field work in Ecuador

We have an extended period in the field in Ecuador studying manakin behavior each year. Ben spends Nov-Mar in the jungle at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station and Ignacio visited for 2 weeks in January. Lots of great science happening as Ben studies the behavior of the birds. Working with colleagues Brandt Ryder from the Smithsonian and Brent Horton from Millersville University is very productive as we all bring different skills to the same questions regarding manakin social behavior. We also have lots of fun in the field!


Congratulations to Meredith!

Meredith Semel, our lab’s lemur expert, just received news that she has been awarded the Rufford Small Grant!!! Meredith will spend the next four months in northern Madagascar studying the endangered crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus).

Meredith’s current whereabouts are unknown, but here a picture from her basecamp in Madagascar.

When Tree Swallows Attack!

After a busy summer monitoring over 130 nest boxes, Jess and her crew are wrapping up their first field season with over 500 birds caught and processed! Other than being attacked by a giant tree swallow, everything has gone well!

(Left to right): Sydney Hope (Phd Student), Jenna Holub (field technician), Jessica Hernandez (PhD Student), Catherine Hucul (field technician)